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Joe Duggan Lacrosse (Lafayette 2028) - 2024 Spring Season

Joe Duggan Lacrosse (Lafayette 2028) - 2024 Spring Season

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Joe Duggan Lacrosse (Lafayette 2028) - 2024 Spring Season

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Joe Duggan Lacrosse Class of 2024 - Summer Highlights - All 2023 tournaments

Screenshot 2024-04-12 192240.png

The 2024 lacrosse season at Loomis Chaffee has come to an end and excited to say, Loomis Chaffee has won the Founders League Championship beating Taft 14-7 in the championship game!!  It was an incredible season with the team going 16-2. 


As usual, it was a tough schedule - competing against teams in NE West 1 and the Founders league.  This includes teams such as Brunswick, Salisbury, Taft, Deerfield, and Choate just to name a few.  

Of the two losses, one was against Taft in the regular season and the other was to Brunswick who ended the season as 2nd in the country.  

The key to success was not only the experience and depth on the team but how we were able to adopt a very strong "up next" mentality.  Whether it was leading up to or on game day, every team member played a role in our success.  

Personally, I am proud of how I was able to contribute to the team's success.  I was able to use the skills I have been developing throughout my high school career - first at Calvert Hall and now at Loomis Chaffee.  The type of system we played fit my skill set: the ability to read and react, to leverage high levels of Lax IQ across the team, and to play with an incredible level of intensity - regardless of the competition.  I ended the season playing in 16 games (injured for the first 2 games) with 22 goals and 11 assists. 


The team is really proud as it finished the season ranked number 12 in the country!  Fantastic news to end an incredible year - great lacrosse, great coaching, great friends, and great memories!  Go Loomis!! 

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