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Height: 6'1"   |   Weight: 175 


I consider myself a true end to end midfielder.  I am strong with both hands, continually leverage my high lacrosse IQ, and maximize my speed and agility.  I am able to initiate the offense with a dodge to score with both hands.  If I get doubled, I can quickly recognize where to move the ball.  Additionally, I am able to score off of sweeps, driving down either alley, invert from behind, or effectively react to the slide.  I work extremely hard off the ball - setting screens, creating space and finding the open space. 


Overall, I am a threat with or without the ball on offense; I recognize the value and the nuances between the boxes, and am a lock down defender.  I also make sure everything I do has a purpose such as creating time and space for a teammate, getting free to be able to move the ball, or putting myself in a position to slide on defense.  I am a very confident dodger and I take pride in my ability to stay focused and always be aware of the situation.  I continue to get bigger, stronger, and faster and as I do, my skills continue to improve, adding an advantage to my game. 


I love the game of lacrosse. I truly value the friendships I have made, lessons I have learned, and the opportunity to give back.



Athletic Honors


2024 1st Team All New England, West - Division 1

2024 Founders League Champions

Calvert Hall Varsity Lacrosse - 2023 season - Most Improved

Inside Lacrosse Invitational - 1st Team All-Star (2x)

Juniors Open 2021 Invitational 

Black Card Invitational - 1st Team All-Star

Apex 60 - Nordy's Top 10 Players

Apex 60 - 1st Team All-Star

STX 3D D1 Rising - Top Players to Watch

Trilogy 24 - 1st Team All-Tournament

Other Sports

Captain - Varsity Volleyball (Sr, Jr)

Varsity Volleyball - Varsity (Sr, Jr, Soph), JV (Fresh)  

Football - 9 Years (Quarterback, Defensive Back)

Basketball - 7 Years (Guard) 


Press release

Nordy's All Apex Team - 2023 (by Jake Nordhausen) 

This week at Apex 60, Duggan made it clear that he wants more coaches' eyes on him, and he definitely deserves them. Duggan is a tough offensive midfielder with no fear in dodging pole match ups. His change of direction dodging was decisive and he made defenders think twice about rushed approaches. Duggan also has the vision to find open shooters all over the field once he has drawn a slide. Never forcing a feed or shot Duggan has the maturity to pull the ball out to live another day. His ability isn't limited to the offensive end as he can stand up would be dodgers with a solid jam to the hips. A Calvert Hall product Duggan looks to have the pieces of a standout D1 midfielder.

Inside Lacrosse Player Analysis


Joe proved to make a ton of high IQ plays as a midfielder out of Calvert Hall. Offensively, his game is centered on being able to attack the middle of field while working as 1/6 of the offensive set. A quick release from dangerous locations makes his ability to impact the game as a scorer dangerous while initiating. He can also fill an off-ball role where he fills space with dangerous intentions either cutting inside or floating in soft spots.

STX DI Rising Fall Showcase (By Casey Vock) 

Joe Duggan, Midfield, Calvert Hall (Md.)/FCA, 2023

Joe, a skilled lefty midfielder, showed big moments at the STX Rising DI Fall Showcase. He made a great one-handed catch sprinting up the field on the clear. He scored in transition, hammering a left-handed shot from mid-range. He would score additional goals in transition. He wasn’t afraid to work the ball against bigger midfielders and looked to share the ball out of his dodge when he was carrying. Dodging up top, he rolled to his right and bounced a hard shot that skipped up from way out to beat the goalie.

Special Skills

  • Speed and Agility

  • Lacrosse IQ

  • Stick Skills

  • Years of Experience

  • Coaching Experience

  • Left and Right handed

  • Accurate shooter with both hands

  • Natural Leader

  • Extremely Coachable

  • Self Driven

  • Focused Hard worker

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